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The Power of Deduction also works for PI's as well!

Hello, fellow investigators and all those who aspire to be one of us and all those individuals in between and behind the scenes. It has long been my mission to induce what we learn on the streets and from talking to people in every day situations and well-common sense. At some point others who hire us must know that we have some idea what we are doing and thus questioning our judgement is not really the way to go.

I am referring to when verification is being made about a claimants presence inside the residence, or another residence, or a corner store etc. If you can deduce the actions of the claimant and put the necessary clues together..why is the power of deduction not a solid lead? The police use it, the government uses it but we cannot? Today, claimants are becoming a little wiser about the tactics we use to confirm there whereabouts, phone calls, delivery, door visits etc. However if you can deduct from the vehicle presence, the movement inside the residence, the ringing of their cell phone from inside the residence etc. Its a pretty safe bet...Deduction wise that the claimant occupies the property. However if we don't actually see them...guess what? Half day for you! Its not a catch all nor is it a total dismissal of what works and is proven to work, however sometimes, three the hard way..its useful.

A seasoned private detective can optimize all the factors we use and make a determination...Don't be fooled! We have to bend like wreathes in the wind if we are to survive the storm. Which in most cases is the claimant dodging our attempts!

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