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To Pay or Not to Pay-On time that is!

Good afternoon, or morning according to when you read this blog, it amazes me that would be clients and long standing ones with rush jobs don't rush funds after the fact. Case in point is that work has been performed and to a certain satisfaction I might add; then of course invoices are submitted-but hey where is the money? I think of Jerry McGuire-SHOW ME THE MONEY? Do we not have to eat? DO we not have bills? Expenses for the assignments that have been completed-Everyone is tightening their belts this is true but what is also true is that FAIR is FAIR-Try not paying that car note, or insurance bill-You would be cut-off. Ever stop to think what would happen if we cut-them off for non-payment_yes we would be financially stunned. However, sometimes these lessons are worth more than money-and so is our time-No?

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