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Unfinished Business

Greetings to all fellow investigators, clients, and all those in between. In these days and times

could it be that we have forgotten what it means to still demonstrate honor as well as a good defense. What does that mean? what is he talking about? Im referring to the requisition, distribution, and containment of information. It would appear that some of us (Not All) have been misled into thinking that you can use personal information for your own gain.

Perhaps it comes from the instinct of self preservation or what have you, I'm not quite sure, but in the end when you get caught, set-up, or just expose yourself is it really worth it? I had a recent issue where an individual all but pointed out that he has had the displeasure of being involved in such an event, and concluded there could be, or would be such an occurrence if he didnt get the proper parameters in place. Meaning he wanted everything short of a shoe size and favorite food! It is not uncommon to be cautious but to outright point fingers for the dirty laundry of others should by no-means, conclude the entire private system of investigation is faulty. So all of you who operate by a ANY MEANS NECESSARY clause should ask yourself one question: DO the ends justify the means: when others pick up the tab for your incompetence? Dont think too hard if you have to your one of those people! See how easy that was!

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